Below you can find the most-asked questions concerning the AT-104. If you can't find the answers to your questions we recommended looking at the Airturn Website or contacting us.


Do I need a Tablet PC in order to use the AT-104 wireless page turning transmitter?

The AT-104 will work with most Windows PC's and Mac computers that have a USB port (a feature that's found on every computer nowadays).  The Tablet PC adds the capability to write on the screen with digital ink, but it's not required in order to use the AT-104 as a hands-free music reader.

Does the AT-104 need batteries?

The AT-104 transmitter uses 2 AA batteries.  The USB receiver draws its power directly from the computer and doesn't require any additional power source.

How many pages will the AT-104 turn before I have to replace the batteries?

The AT-104 has been designed for exceptional battery life. We'd advise changing the batteries once every 2 weeks for heavy users. Another suggestion for maximum page-turning safety is to always have an extra set of AA batteries available just in case, or to use 2 sets of rechargeable AAs.