Accommodating smartphones from 2.25 to 3.5 inches wide, the SMARTLOK features an instantly secure grip and release for hands-free use in the office, at home, in the studio or car, onstage and more.

Adaptable screw-on mounts allow SMARTLOK to be attached on top of or on the side of microphone stands for use by performers so their scripts, set lists or lyrics are easily accessible. Speakers can conveniently refer to their notes. SMARTLOK offers photographers a secure and stable mount for smartphone photography, while travelers can conveniently view maps while on the road or watch movies as passengers.

The AirTurn SMARTLOK includes a clamp that opens up to 2 inches wide so users can attach a smartphone to most tables or objects in a car. A screw-on mount fits onto any standard microphone thread. The phone can then be moved at any angle for easy viewing.
A push-button release frees the smartphone instantly.