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Compatible Pedals

Check out our list of Compatible Foot Switches and Pedals below for as well the AT-104 as the BT-105 (DIGIT I & II) - these are the models that we've tried ourselves, so it's not a comprehensive list covering every keyboard pedal/footswitch out there (not yet, anyways). We'll update the list as we hear from our customers and get opportunities to test other models.

The BT-105 requires a stereo connection to the Foot Switch/Pedal. A wide variety of BT-105 connector cables and adapters are available in the Accessories section of our web store. You can also make your own switch cable for the BT-105 - click here for instructions.

ManufacturerModelPedal TypeNotes
AirTurnATFS-1Momentary SwitchDesigned to be the most compact, lightweight, silent foot switch available
BossFS-5General SwitchHas polarity switch
BossFS-6General Dual SwitchHas polarity and latching switch
Live Wire SolutionsLWS 250Keyboard Damperworks with PS-10 setting
RolandDP-2Keyboard Damper 
VFP1/10Keyboard DamperFor Casio, Korg, Ansonia, Fatar keyboards


Click here for an overview of all wireless options 


Payment options & 30 Days Money Back