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The separate Airturn senders without the pedals are offered here, ideal for if you already own the pedals or want to upgrade your old receiver.

AirTurn Bite Switch
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A mouth-activated momentary switch that allows convenient and accessible control for music, assistive technology, gaming, and more!

Perfect for musicians that require both hands and feet to play their instrument.
Exceptional for people with limited mobility.
Awesome for gamers that need an additional switch. (w/adapter)
Great as press switch for counter button, camera trigger, and more! (w/adapter)

Together with AirTurn DIGIT (BT200) (not included) you can connect it using bluetooth.
AirTurn Digit 500
In Stock
Customizable remote control for your Bluetooth 4 compatible tablet, smartphone, PC, or MAC for use with your favorite hand, bite, or foot switch.

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