USB  (PC/Mac)

USB (PC/Mac)

AirTurn AT-104 Wireless Dual Pedals for Mac and PC with MusicReader One Year Subscription
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Designed for older computers with no internal Bluetooth. Check your computer specs for Bluetooth before purchasing.
Manage your PDF sheet music library, create playlists, make annotations, and turn pages hands free with MusicReader for Mac and PC computers and AirTurn. Our lowest priced software and hardware package for reading digital sheet music and turning pages hands free! This Professional Package includes the AirTurn AT-104 wireless page turning transmitter and USB receiver, 2 AirTurn ATFS-2 Silent Pedals, pedal board, patch cables, and MusicReader One Year Subscription with download links Two AA batteries included for the AirTurn AT-104. Everything you need for maximum flexibility as a digital music professional!
AT-104 Page Turner
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The AT-104 Wireless Page Turning Device simplifies turning pages for digital music scores. This unit will work with most momentary switches that have a 1/4" audio plug. The AT-104 will sense whether the switch is normally open or closed (often referred to as polarity in music switches).