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AirTurn PED PRO - Foot Pedal
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Low-profile, silent, and portable wireless foot switch.

Turn pages, read music, scroll lyrics and tabs
Control presentation and teleprompter apps
Cue audio and effects
Capture video, photos, and more!

The AirTurn PED Pro is the perfect controller for Bluetooth SMART READY-equipped Mac, PC, iPad or Android Tablet.Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and more.
Note: Bluetooth 4 required on host tablet or computer. (see more info in full description)
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Cable for BT-105 to Boss FS-5U
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Connect your Boss FS-5 to the BT-105 with this cable that is specially wired to allow you to change profiles on the BT-105. It is a mono cable with stereo plugs designed to work specifically with the BT-105.
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A telescoping extension arm for mics, mounts, and accessories.

Keep your accessories conveniently within reach
Enhance the view of your device
Create your perfect hands-free display
Get portable and save space
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1/4" to 1/8" Jack Adapter
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Use this adapter to connect any 1/4" foot switch cable to the Bluetooth AirTurn BT-105 mini jack. 
AirTurn Bite Switch
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A mouth-activated momentary switch that allows convenient and accessible control for music, assistive technology, gaming, and more!

Perfect for musicians that require both hands and feet to play their instrument.
Exceptional for people with limited mobility.
Awesome for gamers that need an additional switch. (w/adapter)
Great as press switch for counter button, camera trigger, and more! (w/adapter)

Together with AirTurn DIGIT (BT200) (not included) you can connect it using bluetooth.
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Dual FS-6 to BT-105 Cable
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Stereo cable for Boss FS-6 dual pedal to connect to AirTurn BT-105 transceiver.  Ideal for setting up two Boss FS-6 units for a 4 pedal solution.  See the BT-105 with Two Boss FS-6 for more details.  
Note: this is a single cable.  Two cables are required for 4 pedal use.
Sidemount Clip
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Portable mic stand for your iPad holder.For the seated musician18" to 30"Weighs 2.2 lbs.An easy to adjust friction slide makes height adjustments quick.Mic Stand is Great for All Musicians, Students, Schools and Studios*Stand only- Mic, ipad and ipad holder sold separately
Desktop Clamp for Mic and Tablet holders
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A versatile way to mount your tablet holder or microphone on a table, countertop, or desk.

Extends from 5.75" to 10.25"

Clamp opens to 2.25"
Rubber protection for the top of the table
Weighs under 12 oz
All steel construction
5/8-27 mic thread (adapter is removeable for 1/4" camera mount)
Works with the AirTurn MANOS Universal Tablet Holder (Not included)
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BT-105 Cable Splitter to connect to additional port
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This splitter makes all four ports available on the BT-105. If your application uses all four ports on the BT-105, then this cable is used to access them. It consists of a 1/8" stereo male plug connected to two 1/8" mono jacks. Color coded white and black so you can identify the two different ports. 
AirTurn Manos - Universal Tablet Mount
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How do you hold an iPad? How do you hold a Mini? How do you hold an Android?
The Manos Mount will firmly grip any model up to 8.5 inches wide and up to 1.25 inches thick. It will even hold smartphones!

Hold anything from a smartphone to an iPad Pro, with or without a case!

Holds smartphones and tablets from 5” to 13.3”
Works with or without a protective case
Displays your tablet without obstruction
Easily rotates between portrait and landscape
Fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread

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USB Charging Cable
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USB Charge and Sync Cable - 1 Meter (39") Standard 5 pin USB to USB micro for use with for charging. Can be plugged into any USB power source to charge the BT-106 / BT-200 / DIGIT / BT-200-S2/4/6.