Below is an overview of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is VAT included in the prices?
    Yes, the VAT is included in all prices on our website.
  • How can I pay my order?
    We support a wide range of payment options including:
    Creditcard / PayPal / iDeal / Giropay / Direct E-banking / Wire transfer
  • What is ICEPAY?
    As a Payment Service Provider, ICEPAY offers merchants the possibility to offer all kinds of different payment methods, such as iDEAL and PayPal, in their webshop. This way, you as a consumer can do your online transaction to specialimport.eu in a safe and sound payment environment. ICEPAY is only responsible for the handling of your online payment and does not have any influence on the delivery of your online ordered products and services.
    You can find more information about your online payment at the ICEPAY website.
  • How is the payment shown in my payment statement?
    For most payment methods it shows "SPECIAL IMPORT/MUSICRDR", "MUSICREADER" or "LEONEMUSICREADER" on your statement.
  • I see the product elsewere for xx.xx dollars, why is your pricing higher?
    Our pricing are much lower than it might seem because we don't have any hidden costs.
    All prices include 21% VAT and in some cases shipping costs.
    That's not the case for most of the dollar prices you see elsewhere. There you are likely to have to pay high shipping costs and also customs costs on arrival, this can become very expensive.
    In our store you never pay more then the prices we show on our website.
  • Can I get the tracking number of the package?
    If there is tracking on the package then we will send it to you automatically.
    Some package do not offer tracking, then you won't receive it.
  • I'm living outside the Euopean Union, can I still order?
    We deliver to all European countries, also to the ones outside the European Union.
  • I'm living outside Europe, can I still order?
    Not on our website, but if you contact us then we can give you alternatives.