Pédales de commande

All footpedals you will need are shown here that include an Airturn transciever. 

65,29 €
L'AirTurn PED Pro est la télécommande parfaite pour les Mac, PC, iPad ou Android équipés du Bluetooth SMART READY. Prenez le contrôle de la lecture de la musique, faites défiler les paroles ou les tablatures de guitare, le téléprompteur, les présentations de diapositives, et contrôlez les effets d'instrument ou les médias, et bien plus encore. Remarque : le Bluetooth 4 est requis sur la tablette ou l'ordinateur hôte. (voir plus d'informations dans la description complète)
AirTurn QUAD 200
114,88 €
The professional choice for acoustic or recording musicians. Suitable for both standing or seated performers. Experience customized hands-free app control. Keep your hands on your task and take your practice and performance to a new level. Turn pages, scroll lyrics and tabs Customize DAW and MIDI control Trigger backing tracks and effects Cue audio and lighting Advance slides for presentations Capture video, photo, and more!
131,40 €
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The AirTurn TAP provides a piezo interface that takes a light tap from a finger or drum stick to trigger an event. Using all the same featues as the BT-105 series Transceiver, the TAP brings easy-to-use page turning and events to drummers and other active percussion players. Comes with all mounting hardware to mount on any post up to 1.5 inches in diameter at any angle.